Our Research

What we do

Medivir focus on cancers of high unmet medical need, where existing therapies are not very successful and there is a great opportunity to provide real benefit to patients with few treatment options.

Well balanced project portfolio 

Medivir runs projects at all stages of drug development. The majority of proprietary projects target cancer, but we also run a project that aims to develop a novel osteoarthritis treatment. The majority of projects are conducted in-house.

Drugs targeting cancer from Medivir’s clinical pipeline

Our pipline include a biologically targeted treatment in combination with an immune-oncology agent (birinapant combination with Keytruda®) to improve outcomes for patients with certain types of solid tumors. We also develop organ targeted treatments to improve efficacy and tolerability for specific cancer types (remetinostat and MIV-818).

Cancers we focus on

have poor treatment options and/or low overall survival rates. In some cases even the best available treatments leave patient needs unmet.

Examples of cancers of particular interest to Medivir include certain solid tumors such as liver cancers and cutaneous T-cell lymphoma (a blood cancer with lesions manifested in the skin).