Xerclear® (Zoviduo®)

  • Mechanism

    Hydrocortisone and aciclovir combination

  • Disease areas

    Labial herpes

Xerclear® - Treatment of labial herpes (cold sores)

In 2009, Xerclear® (Zoviduo®) was approved for the treatment of labial herpes. The marketing rights to Xerclear® in the USA, Canada and Mexico were divested in 2010. The corresponding rights in Europe and the rest of the world have been out-licensed to Glaxo­SmithKline, with the exception of China, where Medivir has appointed a local distributor, and Israel and South America where Medivir has retained the rights.





Project Status and Medivir participation

Medivir receives royalties on sales of ­Xerclear®­/­(Zoviduo®) from GlaxoSmithKline.

Including 2017, the cumulative royalties received thus far amounts to approximately 350 SEK million. In addition, Medivir would receive milestones when Zoviduo® is approved as an over the counter product in certain new markets.

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