• Mechanism

    Nucleotide NS5B polymerase inhibitor

  • Disease areas

    Hepatitis C

MIV-802 - treatment of hepatitis C

MIV-802 is a potent, pan-genotypic nucleotide­-based inhibitor of the HCV NS5B polymerase, which is currently in preclinical development. Hepatitis C treatment comprises a combination of several pharmaceuticals with different mechanisms. Nucleotides are generally regarded as an important component of any such combination treatment, due to their potent and broad spectrum antiviral effect on multiple HCV genotypes and high barriers to resistance. Preclinical data indicate that MIV-802 can be used effectively in combination with other classes of antiviral agents for the treatment of HCV, including protease inhibitors and NS5A inhibitors.




  • Ascletis Bioscience Co Ltd, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Ascletis Pharma Inc, a company based in China that is publicly listed with its shares traded on the Hong Kong stock exchange since 2018.

Project status and Medivir participation

The two respective agreements entitle Medivir to milestone payments at achieved development goals and royalty payments from the sale of products where MIV-802 is included. Trek and Ascletis will each in their respective regions pay for the development, manufacture and commercialization of MIV-802. At the beginning of this year, Ascletis announced that it had submitted the application for the first clinical trial with MIV-802 to the Chinese medical authority.

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