• Mechanism

    SMAC mimetic (Intravenous)

  • Disease areas

    Solid tumors

Birinapant - for the treatment of solid tumors

Birinapant is a SMAC mimetic that was acquired from TetraLogic Pharmaceuticals Corporation (TetraLogic) in 2016 and has since then been developed by Medivir for the treatment of solid tumors. Birinapant has the potential, in combination with other pharmaceuticals, to improve treatment response and prolong survival among patients with solid tumors for whom available treatments provide insufficient survival, or for patients who no longer have any treatment options.



IGM Biosciences Inc.


Project status and Medivir participation

In January 2021 Medivir entered into an exclusive licensing agreement, through which IGM Biosciences Inc., will receive global, exclusive development rights for birinapant.

Medivir received a payment of USD 1 million upon signing the agreement, which was followed by an additional USD 1.5 million when IGM in November initiated a clinical phase I study in solid cancers with birinapant in combination with its DR5-agonist antibody IGM-8444. As of Q4 2022, IGM reported that the fourth dose-escalation cohort was ongoing, and no dose-limiting toxicities were observed to date.

The terms of the agreement furthermore entitle Medivir, should birinapant be successfully developed and approved, to receive milestone payments up to a total of approximately USD 350 million, plus tiered royalties up to mid-teens on net sales. TetraLogic will receive part of total revenues but the main part will accrue to Medivir.

Presentation held at the announcement of the licensing agreement.

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