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Bulletin from Extraordinary General Meeting in Medivir AB (publ)

Today on 1 December 2023, Medivir AB (publ) (the “Company”) held an extraordinary general meeting in Stockholm, whereby the resolution below was adopted.
The general meeting was held at Helio GT30 on Grev Turegatan 30 in Stockholm. For more detailed information on the content of the resolution, please see the complete notice of the extraordinary general meeting that is available on the Company’s website, Minutes from the extraordinary general meeting will be provided on the said website within two weeks from the day of the meeting.
The general meeting’s subsequent approval of the board of directors’ resolution on 7 November 2023 on issue of new common shares with preferential rights for existing shareholders
The general meeting resolved to approve the board of directors’ resolution on a rights issue which was resolved on by the board of directors on 7 November 2023.

The rights issue includes an issue of new shares of not more than 55,841,401 new common shares which entails an increase of the Company’s share capital with not more than SEK 27,920,700.50. The right to subscribe for new common shares shall belong to those persons who on the record date for the new issue of shares are recorded as shareholders of the Company, where one (1) existing share shall entitle to one (1) new common share, corresponding to a subscription ratio of 1:1.1 Should all new shares not be subscribed based on subscription rights, the board of directors shall resolve on the allocation of new shares without subscription rights according to certain principles described in the notice to the general meeting, where allocation may ultimately be made to those who have entered into guarantee commitments.
The new shares are issued at a subscription price of SEK 2.65 per share. The record date for participation in the new issue is on 5 December 2023.
The resolution by the general meeting was adopted with the required majority.
Preliminary time table of the rights issue:

1 December 2023Last day of trading including the right to receive subscription rights
4 December 2023First day of trading without the right to receive subscription rights
5 December 2023Record date for participation in the rights issue with preferential rights 
6 December 2023Publication of the prospectus
7 December – 18 December 2023Trading in subscription rights
7 December – 21 December 2023Subscription period
7 December 2023 – on or about 5 January 2024  Trading in BTAs (paid subscribed shares)
22 December 2023Expected announcement of the outcome of the rights issue

Shares held by the Company do not entitle to participation in the rights issue.


For additional information, please contact;
Magnus Christensen, CFO
Telephone: +46 8 5468 3100

Medivir in brief
Medivir develops innovative drugs with a focus on cancer where the unmet medical needs are high. The drug candidates are directed toward indication areas where available therapies are limited or missing and there are great opportunities to offer significant improvements to patients. Medivir is focusing on the development of fostroxacitabine bralpamide (fostrox), a pro-drug designed to selectively treat liver cancer cells and to minimize side effects. Collaborations and partnerships are important parts of Medivir’s business model, and the drug development is conducted either by Medivir or in partnership. Birinapant, a SMAC mimetic, is exclusively outlicensed to IGM Biosciences (Nasdaq: IGMS) to be developed in combination with IGM-antibodies for the treatment of solid tumors. Medivir’s share (ticker: MVIR) is listed on Nasdaq Stockholm’s Small Cap list.