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Information on this part of the website is not intended for persons whose participation in the redemption procedure requires further information or that registration or other measures are taken beyond Swedish law ("Redemption Procedure").

The information on this part of the website may not be transmitted, reproduced or provided in or to any country where the redemption procedure would require any further documentation to be established or registration or any other measure being undertaken in addition to what is required under Swedish law or where this would conflict against applicable laws or regulations in such country (such countries hereinafter referred to as "Limited Jurisdiction") and do not constitute an offer, or request to acquire, transfer, subscribe or exchange securities, to persons in restricted jurisdictions.

The redemption procedure is not disclosed, either directly or indirectly, in any Limited Jurisdiction and Redemption Procedure can not be accepted from persons in any Limited Jurisdiction. Banks, fund brokers and other institutions holding nominee registered shares for persons in restricted jurisdictions may not forward documentation relating to the redemption procedure or otherwise make the redemption procedure available to such persons. If someone seeks to accept the Redemption Process as a result of having directly or indirectly violated these restrictions, the acceptance may be left out of consideration. Swedish law applies to the redemption procedure. Disputes relating to, or arising from, The redemption procedure shall be settled by the Swedish court exclusively.

The above mentioned restrictions imply that this part of the website may not be visited by persons resident or in any Limited Jurisdiction. All persons residing outside Sweden who wish to access the documents on this site must first make sure that they are not subject to local laws or regulations that prohibit or restrict their right to access this site or require registration or approval. for their participation in the redemption procedure. Such registration or approval has not been obtained outside Sweden. Medivir AB (publ) accepts no liability for any person's breach of applicable laws and regulations.

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