Welcome to partner with Medivir!

Partnering for cure

Out-licensing of Medivir R&D pipeline projects

At selected development stages we seek to out-license our R&D pipeline projects to suitable companies to ensure continued, efficient development and commercialization. If you are interested in collaboration, you're welcome to contact us to discuss partnering opportunities.

In-licensing / research collaboration of partner projects

We maintain a robust pipeline of R&D projects supported by a track record of in-licensing and research collaborations with academic institutions, biotechs and larger pharmaceutical companies. We would very much like to encourage parties with research to early-development stage projects in Medivir’s areas of therapeutic interest to make contact to discuss such partnering opportunities. We are open to different partnership structures to ensure the best possible progress for projects.

Would you like to discuss a partnership opportunity in R&D?

Please send an e-mail to businessdevelopment@medivir.com