Business concept and strategy


Improving life for cancer patients through transformative drugs.

The story of Medivir

At Medivir, we believe we have a better approach to the scientific drug discovery process. By focusing on a range of carefully selected projects with potential synergies, we create possibilities for shared learnings, faster development and higher success rate.

Our high scientific standards, together with our open and collaborative culture, help us attract and retain the best and brightest international minds. This also makes us an attractive partner for both scientific proposals and for established business associates who can take our developments to market.

Our track record of successful drug development is proof that our approach works. It shows that we can deliver hope and a better future to cancer patients, faster and more efficiently. For us it is rigorous science, but for the patient it can be truly magic.

Business model

Building on our scientific areas of expertise and our focus in oncology, Medivir conducts research and development in all phases from idea through clinical phase III studies and regulatory market approvals. Our internal capabilities encompass many areas of expertise including specialized chemistry and biology, drug development excellence, clinical trial design and execution, IP-strategy, regulatory strategy and business development. Medivir leverages collaborations with academic and industrial partners in order to bring specialty knowledge, experience and other capabilities to our projects in various phases.

Strategic priorities

Medivir has four overall strategic priorities. They are based on our leading research and development expertise and proven business development capabilities.

  1. Consistently discover and deliver well differentiated oncology drug candidates
    Ensure a constant flow of well differentiated oncology projects and progress high potential candidate drugs into clinical development.

  2. Efficiently develop drugs through the clinical phases
    Drive efficient and innovative cross-functional development of candidate drugs from Medivir’s in-house research, or those from in-licensing or acquisition, to create products that radically improve the lives of patients and fulfill decision-makers requirements.

  3. Be a respected collaborator and valuable partner
    Develop and grow meaningful and mutually beneficial partnerships to facilitate the sharing of ideas and resources, conducting research with a grander scope and mitigating financial risk.

  4. Be an attractive place to work
    Nurture a creative, stimulating and professional culture that attracts skilled and innovative employees, and encourages their retention and development.