Business concept and strategy


Improving life for cancer patients through transformative drugs.

The story of Medivir

Medivir was founded in 1988 and has been a publicly listed since 1996 on Nasdaq Stockholm. The company has developed two pharmaceutical products, Xerclear and Olysio, all the way from idea to market launch. In the same time, the company has ventured into more than 20 partnership agreements, often with repeat partners, that together have generated more than 400 million USD in revenues to the company. Late 2018, the company focused its resources to its clinical development projects within oncology.

Medivir develops innovative pharmaceuticals for the treatment of cancer. The focus is on cancers of high unmet medical need, where existing therapies are limited or missing, and there is a great opportunity to provide real benefit to patients. Collaborations and partnerships are important components of Medivir’s business model, and the drug development as well as the commercialization process is conducted either on its own or in partnership.

Business model

Medivir conducts clinical development in order to on its own, or through partnerships or out-licensing agreements, bring its candidate drugs to market approval. Our specialist capabilities encompass various areas, including patent strategy, drug development, clinical trial design and business development. Medivir leverages its collaborations with academic, health care and industrial partners to bring their unique knowledge and experience to our projects.